Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter is Well on It's Way!

With temperatures below "0" this week, were're pretty sure winter is well on it's way! Although we don't have snow right now in Haugan, forecast shows we should get 6-8 inches over the next three days...

It's A New Day... and can you believe 2009 is almost history? It's even harder to realize that we have been in Montana for six months and serving in the West Valley for five months. My how time flies when you're in the midst of God's kingdom work & having fun!

We have been approved as Mission Service Corp Volunteers through the Southern Baptist Convention. Alan is a new pastor and also considered a Church Planter because of our work in St Regis. We are so very grateful for Sam Birky (Glacier Southern Baptist Associational Mission Director) and Dave Howeth (Church Planter Team Leader for the Montana Southern Baptist Convention). These two men have helped us above and beyond the "call of duty" since we arrived, been a tremendous encouragement, and fastly becoming good friends!
Rejoice With Us... as things continue to go well in St Regis. We have had as many as 13 in our Youth Bible Study and continue to plan for an official launch date for services possibly in January. We still need to do a Postal Patron mail out to advertise throughout the community. The Youth have selected the name "LIGHT:Piercing the Darkness" and are excited about helping with the services through skits and music. Please continue to pray that God will make a way where there seems to be no way!

Giving Thanks... In Haugan we continue to build relationships and meet needs as the Lord allows. We were able to put together and deliver Thanksgiving baskets for three needy families on Nov. 21st. We also served Turkey with all the trimmings on Thanksgiving Day at The Dollar Hotel for travellers between noon and 2 pm. We served over 20 individuals with some left over and to spare! We met truck drivers from all over the country. They were very surprised to find the Dollar Restaurant closed, but a free full meal offered to them. Six others from the community came through and enjoyed the fare. We also delivered meals to 4 individuals in the community who were in need. It was a blessed day indeed!
Celebrate With Us... over the gifting of a 2002 Ford Excursion for us to drive! Can you believe it? PRAISE THE LORD, HE answered this need above and beyond what we could even ask or think! HE is so faithful to use HIS people to provide for HIS ministry! And we THANK YOU, LORD.

Please Pray With Us...
  • Roger, Ray, Bonnie, Pat, Wendy, Chris, Troy, Tom, Sue, Ricky, Glen -- to name a few
  • That the conviction of God's Spirit would sweep through this valley like a fire storm...
  • A Possible School Assembly/Event with Ken Freeman
  • Provision for St Regis Mail Out and its reception by the community
  • A movie Premiere for "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" in Haugan & St Regis
  • BIG NEED for wisdom as we prepare for mission groups to come work this summer
  • Provision for propane supply during winter/winter boots/dehumidifier for trailer
  • For the Lord to continue to increase our monthly support through His people
  • Please remember Alisha as she works in Uganda (especially during the holidays so far away from family), and Alana as she is making some changes right now and continues to serve her local church.

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