Friday, April 9, 2010

A New Day... A New Challenge

You may or may not know Alan is scheduled for hip replacement surgery on April 14th. Like a host of other issues which have appeared since our arrival in Montana, the surgery was not really expected nor exactly welcomed. As with all the other issues, however, we are totally trusting in the LORD for HIS guidance as we walk through this event.

The doctors tell us that immediate relief will be realized and once the recovery period of 2-3 months is finished, he will be very glad he went through this process. We just wanted to alert you for your prayer support for the surgery (no blood clots, no infection, no dislocation, and a smooth recovery). Alan just asked me to solicit your prayers for me as his caregiver, although he has promised to be a perfect patient! Ha! The first two weeks before stitches are removed, he will be very restricted, yet on an extremely regimented schedule. This is crucial for a complete and successful recovery!

On a positive note, Alisha will be in the states for a 2-month furlough in mid-May! We can hardly wait! She will be giving "reports" on her work in Uganda all over the USA--so, please pray for her as she comes (for success in presentations and some much needed rest along the way!)

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