Tuesday, November 29, 2011


There is just no god like our God!
He is Faithful and True, from Everlasting to Everlasting,
the Alpha and Omega, our Creator, Sustainer,
and worthy of all praise!

We are so thankful for another year coming to a close, as we continue the work in November and December here in the West End. We are thankful to see God at work in many lives throughout this valley. We are thankful for each of you who love us, pray for us, and regularly support us.
Our God is an awesome God!

How thankful we are to have hosted two new visitors this month at Soup Day! This is a weekly event that the folks here in Haugan really enjoy. A good time of fellowship, food (of course), and a non-threatening place to bring others. One gentleman who was practically a hermit up on the mountain when we first moved here, now rarely misses Soup Day and has come to services twice in the last few weeks. His attitude and interaction with others has changed so much. We see God at work... and praise Him!

And, of course, what would November be in Montana without... snow? It has been snowing consistently for several days, although not heavy all the time... It is truly amazing—the majestic handiwork of our Father and Lord. Although there are always some challenges involved, it is a
joy to live in this winter wonderland...

We are even thankful for knee replacement surgery and a basement we call “home” in which to recover. It makes a pretty narrow fellowship hall, but our New Day Fellowship family are so gracious and encouraging. We call it our “tabernacle in the basement”! With a full kitchen, handicapped restroom, shower, washer-dryer unit, and plenty of room for a walker, this has been a real blessing for Alan’s recovery. We have made it through two weeks, probably the roughest time of the whole ordeal, but God is Faithful and is seeing us through moment by moment.

We are ever grateful for God’s provision through our friends, family, and supporters. Because many of you gave extra to New Day Network Ministry this year, we were able to distribute ten Thanksgiving Baskets to needy families: 7 in Haugan (that’s “hoggin” not “howgin”!), 2 in St Regis, and even 1 in Superior! Pam, Sharon, and Sarah drove to Missoula on Friday in a snow storm to get all the supplies for the gift meals: turkey with all the trimmings. At WalMart they talked with the manager and after filling out some paperwork, were given a $50 gift card against their purchases. This blessing allowed them to buy for all the baskets and the community meal and still be under budget! It took most of the day and from Superior to Haugan it was 30-35 mph driving in a near white out with a bit of slipping and sliding even with the snow tires. But the ladies persevered and returned safely with the bounty. Then Saturday morning Pam, Melba, Joyce, and Sarah assembled the baskets and prepared them for distribution. Pam & Gene took the baskets for St Regis and Superior to St Regis for pick up at NDF there, and the others remained in Haugan for pick up that afternoon. This was our first year to have the families
come to the church to pick them up, most of them we see each month for Food Pantry, so it was another good touch of God’s love with these needy families and individuals.

We give thanks to the Lord for what He is doing in St Regis... this month we have been able to include several families in our Thanksgiving Basket delivery and also provide some wood. Our wood pile is already fairly low since it snowed so early! One of our newest families has
really gotten involved, as the father is assisting with the sound equipment and stage set up. We now have a keyboard player and third singing part... drums are set up and soon we will add drums to the worship mix! WOW! God is just overwhelming us with His blessings and grace. One of the most significant things to happen was a call from the St Regis School District this week. They host a canned food drive during November and included our Resource Center as one of the places to share the supply. So, we have been gifted with some additional canned
goods for next month. Amen and Amen! Thanks, Mr. Gene, for picking up the food
and bringing it to Haugan for us!

And, of course, it goes without saying that our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Day Meal was another day of celebration and a highlight for the month! Our ladies cooked turkey with all the trimmings--we added a ham this year and always try to decorate and make everything inviting.
This is held in the lobby of the Silver Dollar Hotel in Haugan. We had lots of help this year setting up tables and setting out food and were rewarded with the blessing of serving 34 meals. Several truckers came through and joined us. One man brings his mother every year, but this was his first year to stay and eat, so that was a Praise the Lord! Then a few folks from the community joined in and we met a new couple who just moved to DeBorgia. They want to visit church soon. So, please pray that they will follow up on that desire! All in all, it was a great day, even though Bro. Alan was not able to get there this year, Gene & Pam were troopers in seeing it through. Sharon, Joyce, the Lewis family, and others helped to make the day a huge success and another “good” touch for New Day Fellowship in our community. The Lord be praised today and always! We have so much for which to be thankful...

It is always a joy to share about our girls. Folks ask us about them all the time... no, really! We are proud of our girls and now our new son in Uganda. Alana is living in Louisville, Kentucky—working part time at Springdale Community Church and doing freelance photography part time. God has gifted her in so many ways and our hearts almost burst with love and pride in the work she is doing... often helping with youth and ministering in worship and other unexpected ways.

We are also thankful for the work and ministry of our new son-in-law, Abdul and daughter,
Alisha in Uganda. We can’t pass up sharing one of their latest stories, so you can rejoice with us all!

TERRA NOVA: STANDING FOR THE TRUTH. Abdul was able to visit 3 of our soccer players at school. With the academic year ending in just a few weeks, we wanted to check in and see how our players are doing at the schools where they have earned scholarships. At Kiboga Progressive Secondary School—a 3 hour taxi ride from downtown—Abdul arrived to find Frank, John and Willy ready and waiting at the gate to see their coach. I stayed home being a little too pregnant to make a long taxi ride on Ugandan roads, but sent some brownies and lots of love. At lunch the boys began to talk openly about “something that was not right.” The players on the school soccer team have been forced to bow down to a certain mountain in spirit worship to win games. Those unwilling to participate in this ancestor worship would be cursed and not allowed to play. Our boys were the only students who refused to participate. They have been sitting out from games and receiving criticism and questions from classmates. Of course, this most likely means we’ll be looking for a new school partnership for these players to transfer next year, but Abdul beamed with pride that our Terra Nova boys were choosing to do the unpopular thing in order to stand up for the Truth. And it’s costing them their passion—soccer. I was stunned. Now, I’m also worried for them, praying for God’s protection to cover them like a blanket, but then I just go back to beaming. In all the muddy waters of Ugandan corruption, evil, greed, deception and hopelessness, God is raising up young people to change their world. We are so excited to be part of this transformation. And in this process, we too are being transformed. Thanks be to God for Ugandan youth who teach us that change IS possible.

With Thanksgiving and Praise...

  • The gift of Gene & Pam Young and their love for Jesus and
    enthusiastic assistance in the work here!
  • We were able to distribute ten Thanksgiving Baskets filled with a
    turkey and all the trimmings to needy families from Superior to
  • The generous food and household donations from our sister church, Meadowview in Missoula to our Resource Center for December. We can never fully thank you for your
    encouragement and support of the work here in the West End of I-90.
  • Many of you regularly stand with us in prayer... we are thankful for you.
  • Others pray and also give faithfully to financially support the work here... it would not be possible to continue without your generous sacrifice.
  • The coming of our first grandbaby in December... in Uganda!
  • Evidence of God’s work in the lives of individuals and families in this valley for whom we are praying: Leo, LeRoy, Glenn, Mike, Wendy, and many others...

Please Join Us in Praying for...

  • One of our main and immediate needs is provision for monthly heating fuel for both
    locations. Costs have risen again this year and the bitter cold has arrived a bit early. Thus, it will take more fuel to heat both locations for the winter.
  • Presently, we estimate that the fuel for the old building in St Regis will be
    approximately $350 each month. We know God knows our need before we even ask,
    but we are asking, seeking, knocking for His divine provision and hope you will
    join us in that very practical and specific request.
  • Teenagers, children, moms, dads, and families throughout this valley – for “the strong man” to be bound, strongholds to be torn down, and spiritual scales to be removed
    from their eyes so they can be convicted of sin and convinced of God’s great love and mercy to change their lives! Specifically--Jordan, Maddy, Juliana, Michael, Sam, Gabby, David, Jasmine and others...
  • Alan as he recovers from knee replacement surgery for the next 4-6 weeks. We need God’s grace and healing Hand.
  • Since Thanksgiving week is past, we now begin to focus on Christmas Baskets for this year.
  • God’s provision for:
    heating fuel for the church building in St Regis the monthly building payment in St Regis ($350 is being received toward this, New Day Network is meeting the balance as long as we can) We are trying to get needed information to re-do the loan at a lower rate and in the
    proper name.
  • the Resource Center on the 3rd Thursday of each month (free food and clothing) It is always a challenge to get this stocked with food each month. We have plenty of winter clothing right now. the need for new people to join our monthly support team (several
    of our donors have had to stop giving recently) Just so you know, all money received goes to New Day Network Ministry for program and ministry needs, when these are taken care of then a salary is given, when available.
  • utilities, food and materials for weekly ministry in both locations
  • God’s Spirit to protect every aspect of New Day Network Ministry and New Day
    Fellowship from any confusion or ungodly influence
  • The possibility of a lot and house in St Regis to call home (we know this would be a
    total work of God)

Matthew 4:16 “... the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light,and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned."

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Haugan, MT 59842
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