Sunday, June 14, 2009


The Journey Begins!

The Lord could not have given us a better beginning on our summer here in Montana than with the family at FBC Circle. They received us with open arms and warm hearts. As a matter of fact, several families still had the old “Meet The Master” cassette we had back in 1980-83! This was a time of wonderful fellowship and encouragement. Please pray for these precious folks as they seek God and a new pastor in the weeks and months ahead.

Then we travelled just down the road to Terry, MT to visit briefly with some long time friends, Dennis & Rita Teske at Teske Farms before reporting to our second church for the summer. Once again, our hearts were refreshed with the fellowship of these fine folks. We just picked up right where we left off over 26 years ago!!! Their farm operation is impressive and in an incredibly beautiful location on the Yellowstone River. Their youngest son, Pat, and his family also reside on the farm and help with the operations.

Pat & Julie Teske (with their children Olivia and Wyatt); Rita & Dennis Teske

Until next time… we are “on the road with Jesus”… and…

Alan & Sarah Damron

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