Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God Just Keeps On Blessing...

Chris, April & Sue

We had three more pray to receive Christ and make it public! And remember the lady who dropped by the church to meet Alan and then came to Bible Study? Sue made a profession of faith! Then remember the young couple who moved to St Regis and have been coming to services? They both made professions of faith, too! Hallelujah! Remember Roger? He was in services, but is still not ready… please keep praying for him!

We celebrated three more baptisms Oct 4th…

Sharon Terry

Chris & April Colon

The youth in St Regis are really great… we are launching the new church start there on November 8th @ 6 PM in the St Regis Community Center. Please pray for this newest venture.

As you can see, there is MUCH to pray about, not to mention the souls of folks here who desperately need to know Jesus.

It's a New Day.
Alan & Sarah Damron

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