Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, maybe “amazing” isn’t quite the word for it—perhaps astounding would be more appropriate! So, what could happen in a week? Oh, my goodness!

Let’s begin with last weekend…

Saturday. We were on our way to the Annual Associational Meeting in Missoula. Got into town with the address on our GPS, but got the message “the route is not in our library” type message. Anyway, we were on Stephens looking for the church and watching street signs. Came to a 4 way stop… we both thought… and proceeded, but it was a two-way stop and of course the guy with the right of way didn’t even slow down, didn’t honk or even try to brake… whatever… he hit our left front wheel and bumper. The big F350 didn’t really budge, but he was going fast enough that the front section is somewhat re-aligned! Everyone was ok physically, praise God! The young guy was in a little Subaru, so we were pretty worried about him! But we only have some bruises and are feeling really sick at heart about the whole thing because we were scheduled to take the trailer in for some work before winter and it took two months to get that appointment! Thank the Lord for insurance! Then the policeman (who was really very nice) gave us a ride to the church where we were obviously late to the meeting. Alan thought it was really funny that I had to ride in the back seat, behind bars! (Personally, I didn’t think it was THAT funny!) When we got to the meeting, one of the state leaders gave us a car to borrow until we can get things settled.
Sunday. We had good services. Alan has started a series in Matthew. We had three new folks attend—Chris, April, & Adam! That is always positive, although several of our “regulars” had to work. We still had 12 in attendance! Then in the afternoon we had to dismantle the trailer and pack what we would need for this week while the trailer is being worked on.
Monday. The tow truck was ready to hook up to the trailer by 8 AM. We had been up since 6 AM getting last minute stuff packed into a borrowed car and “breaking camp”. I can’t tell you how strange it felt to be standing with the clothes on our backs, a few possessions in the borrowed car, watching our “house” drive down the highway without us! (I “heard” loud and clear—when I AM all you have, I AM all you need.)
Tuesday. We woke up and realized we were just pretty tired and exhausted--Then thought about the last three days… another chapter in the book, I say!

ON TO BETTER THINGS… Tuesday morning, two ladies came to the church to see it and meet the new Pastor after receiving the introductory letter we mailed a week or so ago! Sue and Dolly were certainly a surprise blessing.

Now, here’s a bit of trivia that one of the “old timers” in Haugan just shared this week. Until this church was built 5 years ago, it had been 80 years since any Christian ministry had been in the valley. Did you get that? 80 years! My dear father is 80+ years of age. I cannot even imagine him spending his entire life without going to church or even hearing about the love of Jesus! For more than a generation, this valley has been without any hint of the Light of Christ! In the early 20’s there had been a circuit riding preacher who came through every three to four weeks… but then nothing for 80 years… think about it! This astounded us completely!

Services this morning (20th) were really good. We had 12 in attendance with another new couple and the young couple (Chris & April) who visited last week returned! Yeah! They got moved to St Regis on Friday. The new couple, Chuck & Dawn, have previously been in a motorcycle ministry and Chuck talked with Alan about opening a chapter here. So, that’s something else to pray about!

This next week one of our core members is having a breakfast for her entire family on the day of memorial services for her brother (24th). The church is going to cook and serve the breakfast to the family. When she shared this at the Silver Dollar, people were very surprised that the church would do that! Something we consider normal is unheard of in this valley!!!

Then finally, we started our Bible Study in St Regis this afternoon with seven youth in the city park! We hosted a Pizza Kick Off to get acquainted and get to know them. These were really great teenagers! We were so impressed with their spirits and attitudes. There were 2 Seniors, 1 Junior, 1 Sophomore, 2 Eighth Graders, and 1 Seventh Grader. So, they covered the scope of classes pretty well. Please pray for this group of young people as they make a stand to live for Jesus!

PLEASE PRAY ALSO for a location for this group to meet. Last week the school board tabled the request for use of the cafeteria until next month. The Superintendent was surprised at their response, although we were not. So, we are still looking for a place to meet.

One of our dear friends we’ve known since college days, just wrote a special blog featuring New Day Network Ministry. We really appreciate every effort being made for our support. Take a look at featuring the ministry of Alan and Sarah Damron. We want to thank Rick for his letter and monthly support--and encourage you to continue to pray for our monthly support. It seems to be a never ending—every day issue now and one of which we just believe God is going to take care. Somehow we have got to figure out a way to communicate this very real need, the vision of reaching this 33 mile valley for Christ in such a way that more people will step up and help fund this ministry. We are praying that the truck will be “totaled”, so our Gap insurance can pay it off and we can find something less expensive. The insurance adjuster is evaluating the truck now. Hopefully we will find out something this week. Now that we will not be driving the trailer all over creation, it is not so vital that we have the F350.

Pray like you’ve never prayed before!!!!

It’s a New Day,

Alan & Sarah Damron
PO Box 420013
Haugan MT 59842

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