Thursday, September 2, 2010


On Sunday, July 4th NEW DAY FELLOWSHIP was invited to join the two other churches in St Regis to lead a joint sunrise service at 8 AM, kicking off the July 4th activities. This was a wonderful opportunity that went smoothly, nurtured good fellowship between the churches, and filled the small stadium stands to about 90%! It was an exciting start to a beautiful day and festive weekend. Then we returned to Haugan for services followed by a cook out that evening which was a HUGE HIT!

Very late on July 12th (actually 1 AM on July 12th) our second mission team arrived in Haugan! The Southwood Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma sent a group of 33 to help us for a few days. And help they did! After sleeping in just a little on Tuesday morning, the group divided into three teams: 2 teams went to St Regis to conduct a general survey and 1 team stayed in Haugan for Kids Club...


Two young boys showed up in Haugan for Kids Club. The teens were so sweet, loving, and gave them the "full treatment" with rousing games like duck-duck-goose; fun songs like "Lean on Me"; exciting Bible stories, crafts, and refreshments! The boys just soaked it all up! Our first time to meet Duane (in the ball cap) was on Easter Sunday this year, so he was a little familiar with us. But this was our first time to meet Joey--it took maximum energy on everyone's part to keep up with him!!! But it was a truly positive event for the community. Oh, and 3 little girls had planned to attend, but when their father heard about it, he drove all the way out from Missoula (over 1 hour away) to take them back with him for the week! The old adversary is so cruel and sneaky--but two lives embraced and enjoyed the love of Christ through the mission team. And it was one more step in dispelling the spiritual darkness in this valley.


12 boys and girls attended the Kids Club in the Park in St Regis. Two of those boys just had their mother die of overdose the week before--so it was crucial ministry at a crucial time in their lives. The father even came with them on Wednesday night for the Concert in the Park... team members were able to visit with him and offer kindness and hope.

Several parents also attended the Kids Club in the Park and adult leaders were able to meet and befriend them. Most of the boys and girls were from a trailer park across the river which was surveyed earlier that week. We are praying to be able to continue to build relationship with these families and others in the trailer park. The only hope for this west valley is for the Lord Jesus to be introduced and nurtured in the lives of the children, so they can grow up knowing a better way... another way besides what they have now... epidemic alcoholism, substance abuse, poverty, and futility.


NDF in St Regis could use a permanent facility. There is a Methodist church building for sale that has been empty for over two years now. It could hold approximately 80 in worship, with a full basement, full kitchen, and small education space. It is old, but in pretty good condition and right across the street from the school! A strategic spot--rent is much more than we can afford ($700/monthly), but if God were to provide this, we could have so much more of a presence in St Regis and be there on a weekday other than just Sunday evenings. This is a GOD-ONLY request and we know it... if the building was acquired then we would need furnishings, utilities, and insurance... oh, my! As crazy as this sounds, we know that with God all things are possible. "For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you... was not yes or no, but yes in Him. For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are Yes...!!!" 2 Corinthians 1:19-20, (NASV)

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