Thursday, September 2, 2010


CELEBRATE IN HAUGAN. The first Sunday of August completed our first year as NEW DAY FELLOWSHIP in Haugan and our first year serving as Pastor in the “west end”. A wonderful day of celebration was enjoyed as we worshipped, strolled through the yearly highlights via Power Point, and ate pot luck lunch together. We remembered how we began with what we call “the fabulous four”! This year we celebrated with thirteen in attendance! Praise the Lord! One of the men who came shared that it had been 27 years since he had attended a church service… he has made steps all summer beginning with our first mission team from Springdale, attending men’s breakfast on Tuesday mornings, Soup Day on Thursdays, working on projects around the church… and finally into a service! We believe spiritual renewal is beginning in Mike’s life and trust God to continue when he returns to teaching in Washington at end of summer.

As a matter of fact, in preparation for “I Love HIS Church Day”-1 Yr Anniversary Celebration, Mike & Sally Wright and Vern Herman worked tirelessly to plant flowers in the front of the church and laid out rock for decoration. When all was done and we stood back to look at their work (see picture above) we noticed that the rock was laid out in the shape of a cross -- it really looks nice and we thank God for their work and their renewed desire to grow in Him!

One of the best things we did all summer was a DVD study produced by Saddleback Church in California called, “Life’s Healing Choices”. This was a series from the Beatitudes in the book of Matthew. Clear and simple choices which we explored and discussed each week with the idea of being able to share these choices with others—everyone makes choices! Although we averaged ten in attendance, 17 different individuals joined us throughout the month. Thank You, Lord!

Other celebrations included Vern Herman’s Birthday party! His brothers came in, church members joined in, brought pot luck… we had a wonderful evening with friends, lots of food, fun, and a special cake! Mr. Vern is our only male type official church member, has been here for 13+ years and a mighty prayer warrior and man of God! We love you, Mr. Vern and thank God for you. Happy 82 years young!

We continue to prepare for the opening of our Food Pantry/Clothes Closet which we are calling the NEW DAY RESOURCE CENTER. We have received donations from members, non-church members, folks from Plains, Olympia, Washington, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Springdale, Arkansas and Austin, Texas! We will open our doors on the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month from 3-5 PM beginning in September. But we have already been able to help several families before the official opening—God is so good!

A Dream comes true… It has been Vern’s dream for many years now to have a prayer garden beside the church in Haugan… Well, our New Prayer Garden is pretty much complete. Just today Vern, Mike & Sally Wright, John Carpenter, and Alan put the last touches on it… the Cross is now installed -- standing strong as a sentinel over the Prayer Garden. Our deepest gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ, and our heartfelt thanks for the help of New Hope Mission Team and Southwood Mission Team in seeing this dream come true. It. Is. Finished!

CELEBRATE IN ST REGIS. The group in St Regis continues to evolve from week to week. We have averaged 8 in the last month with 18 different individuals joining us at one time or another! One week everyone showed up on one Sunday and we had 14! The meeting room was filled to capacity. A new couple has moved into St Regis from Washington (front right). Fred and Barb drove by the church in Haugan on a Saturday and stopped to visit. We talked for about an hour and they have been in services for the last two weeks. We continue to pray for workers to help us and open doors for relationship building. Thank You, Lord, for Fred and Barb and all our band of believers in St Regis.

We got a call this week from St Regis Schools. They had a clothing swap event in the cafeteria with tables of clothing left, so they asked if we wanted them for the Clothes Closet we will open in the West End in September. This was such an unexpected blessing! The Excursion was filled--top to bottom, front to back--with sacks of clothing, already separated and sized! Plus, we were able to meet the head of maintenance and several high school boys who helped sack and load the clothing. This was a great opportunity!

CELEBRATE ANSWERED PRAYER! After Alan’s hip replacement surgery, we decided to apply for hardship assistance with the hospital. Without question God has blessed—this week we received notice that our assistance had been approved at 100%! THANK YOU, LORD AND ST. PATRICK’S HOSPITAL! We now only have to deal with the surgeon, labs, and anesthesiologist’s expenses. What a significant gift and answer to prayer.

CELEBRATE WITH THE DAMRONS… Alan, Sarah, Alana & Alisha are also celebrating family! Seruyange Abdul called us this week to ask our blessing for he and Alisha to be married. He sounded just a bit nervous, but we welcomed him into our family as a gift from God. We celebrate Alisha and Abdul as a couple and the calling of God on their lives together. Please pray with us as we all prepare and look forward to the wedding ceremony next summer. Also, we ask you to pray with us that God will provide financially for us to make the trip. WE LOVE YOU, ALISHA AND ABDUL… AND CAN NOT WAIT TO GET OUR ARMS AROUND YOU BOTH!!!

Other Prayer Needs…
• Souls to be saved in this valley (specifically Pete, Pam, Roger, Chuck, Deb, Ty, Chance, Debbie, Ray, Spring, Duane)
• New Day Resource Center opening 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month beginning in September
• New School year for teachers & students in St Regis
• A more permanent facility in which to meet in St Regis
• Alana as she serves the Lord and continues to search for a full time job
• Alisha as she serves the Lord and plans for her wedding & marriage next summer in addition to her teaching responsibilities
• Praise the Lord for our current financial support team
• Seek the Lord for new financial partners for ministry expenses in both locations and personal needs


It’s a New Day,

Alan & Sarah Damron

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