Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Day -- With Much To Do!

The Journey According to… Haugan!

We continue to see improvement in the relationship of this church with our community. One of the ladies here (a staunch Mormon) who did not want anything to do with our church when we first arrived has started coming with her husband to our weekly Thursday Soup Day. Several weeks ago she came early. As Sarah cooked and prepared to serve, she began asking some very serious questions before others arrived. Sarah was honest and open with her, answering every question directly, sharing our journey of complete faith since arriving in Montana. Please pray for this woman we will call Jane, that the testimony shared will bring fruit in her life toward a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

One of our most fervent prayers is for other believers who will help in the work here. Quite possibly Wayne & Melba Degoines are one answer to this prayer. They moved to DeBorgia about 4 weeks ago and have been to services regularly, helped with the Resource Center and several repair projects. Thank you, Lord, for this new couple, their giftedness, and desire to serve You.

Another couple who visit from Washington about once a month attended recently. As the Lord would have it, Alan is preaching through the Gospel of John. That particular morning was on the Wedding in Cana. We covered the sanctity of marriage and the sin of alcoholism. Providentially, this couple is not married, and he is an alcoholic. Yet, they continue to appear hungry spiritually. Please pray for Pete & Pam. We love them already and desire to see God do a great work of healing, restoration, and salvation in their lives.

The Resource Center was open again this week and we were able to assist six different families or individuals. One family first came to New Day Fellowship on Easter Sunday this last year, so we are continuing to build relationship with them. Please continue to pray for Ray, Spring and their son, Duane. Then a man we will call Larry arrived. He is diabetic, alone, had not eaten in a week and never been anywhere near the church building! We were able to find him a few shirts and then provide a box of food for him and asked him to never, ever go without food again. Although we may not always have much, we made it clear that we are happy to share what we have. Please pray for Larry, he is having two toes removed next week in Seattle. Then, one of the teenage boys in the area actually came to the Center—brought a donation and asked if he could look for some clothes. This was an amazing gift… that he would feel comfortable enough to come on his own.

Many of you know that in the midst of ministry this last month, Alan’s father went home to heaven on October 3rd. We made a very quick run to Dallas for the memorial service. It was a bittersweet blessing and we thank the Lord for allowing us to go and are grateful to all who made it financially possible.

Of course, one of our greatest joys is the prayer garden/fire pit next to the church. We enjoyed a bonfire and fellowship time Saturday evening with 13 here from around the community! Hot dogs, chili, brownies, and pie—what more do you want? One more event for Haugan… this week the ladies are going to their very first ever Beth Moore conference in Spokane—thanks to the generous assistance from the ladies at New Hope Fellowship in Springdale, AR! We will have much to share in our next update on this!

The Journey according to… St Regis!

Alan met with the St Regis Community Board in October. They approved our use of the building for another 3 months. He decided to stay for the entire meeting and they got into quite a heated discussion about selling beer at an upcoming event they were sponsoring. The advocates for the beer were adamant about making a good profit. But the vote was tied. So, the chairman turned and said, “I’d like to hear what the preacher has to say.” (Are you sure?) Of course, Alan was able to give a clear, biblical opinion and urged them to consider if that is what they really wanted to be known for, since beer is readily available everywhere in town? The vote was taken again and failed!

This week we were able to take some food and a small gift of cash to one of our single moms in St Regis. She works about three jobs and still struggles. Her children are very active athletically and she was having to rustle some food together for them before a ballgame that night. We didn’t know, but the LORD certainly did! It was really good timing. Thank You, Lord!

We know there is so much more to do and accomplish, but we also see the Lord working in someone’s life every week! Please continue to pray with us for souls to be saved in this valley!

Other Prayer Needs…
• For genuine salvations: specifically Pete, Pam, Roger, Chuck, Deb, Ty, Chantz, Debbie, Ray, Spring, Duane, Victor, Chris—for the Light of Christ to dispel the spiritual darkness in this 33 mile valley…
• New Day Resource Center open 3rd Thursday of each month
• Relationships would be built throughout our community for the glory of Christ
• Teachers & students in St Regis
• A more permanent facility in which to meet in St Regis
• Alana as she serves the Lord and continues to search for a full time job
• Alisha as she serves the Lord and plans for her wedding next summer, as well as her teaching responsibilities
• Please begin to pray with us now--as the U.S. Damrons will need to get to the wedding in Uganda next summer!
• Praise the Lord for our current financial support team! We could not be here without you.
• Seek the Lord for additional monthly financial partners for ministry expenses in both locations, plus personal needs

The people who were sitting in darkness saw a great Light,
And those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death,
Upon them a Light has dawned.
(Matthew 5:16)

It’s a New Day,

Alan & Sarah Damron


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