Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Day -- A New Decade!

A New Day – A New Decade!

Can anyone really believe that another year is ending and a new decade beginning? Just the thought takes our breath away! As we look back over the past year, we marvel at all that God has accomplished…

FOR THE DAMRONS – Clearly 2010 was another year of surprises and challenges in every way! We had thought 2009 was the year for change, but in April we survived Alan’s hip surgery and recovery time… then, when Alisha came for a brief furlough in May, she surprised us with emergency gall bladder surgery—and we survived that! Then we both had sleep studies done and now are on CPAP machines in tandem! Oh, yes, it’s a sight to behold! June & July brought mission teams for both locations with greatly needed encouragement and ministry. August we prepared to launch a new community ministry and in September opened the New Day Resource Center in Haugan to distribute free food and clothing to those in need. It has been a great way to connect with folks we would not normally see. We are thankful to God for that. In October we celebrated the home-going of Alan’s dad and made a frantic run to Dallas and back for his memorial. And, of course, in November we made a 2-1/2 week trip through Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas to Corpus Christi for the Mission Service Corps Commissioning Service hosted by the North American Mission Board. We returned the Saturday before Thanksgiving and have not really stopped since, with all the Christmas holiday festivities to enjoy!


NEW DAY FELLOWSHIP hosted the Second Annual Thanksgiving Community Meal at the Lincoln Hotel in Haugan. Not much traffic came through, but we served more than 20 people and had a great time of fellowship. One gentleman joined us this year to whom we had delivered a plate last year. Let us tell you briefly about Larry (not his real name) who lives alone up the mountain behind DeBorgia. We would occasionally see him at the Post Office and greet him, but he was not real talkative. Then the first month our Resource Center was opened, Larry came for food. He told us that he was diabetic and had not eaten in a week! We strongly believe he was telling the truth. We supplied him with food and told him to please, please never go without food again. Recently he had two toes surgically removed as a result of frost bite, but he seems to be doing much better. It has been a tremendous joy to build a relationship with Larry and begin to see him come out of his hermit shell! God is good!!!

Every holiday season often brings crisis and tragedy. This year was no different. One morning we received a phone call from Sharon who works at Lincoln’s that one of their employee’s and her family were in crisis and needed help. We ended up having them come to the church to discuss options. They lived with the husband’s mother and have a 17 year old son with Asperger’s Syndrome. The mother was basically throwing them out because she could not deal with it. We were able to put them in a hotel room for the night and fill their tank with gasoline to give them a little breathing room and make arrangements to rent a place in St Regis. It ended up being a good time of prayer and testimony with Mark & Mary (not their real names)…

No doubt, one of our very favorite things to do is prepare Christmas Baskets for needy families in our valley, including gifts for the kids… it is such a joy to remember the greatest Gift ever given with each crinkle of paper, snip of scissors, or swish of tape—and praying that every child will come to receive God’s Gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Last year we started with 5 families (including 6 children). This year we were able to share a full Christmas meal and gifts for the kids with 15 families (including 14 children)! Bless the Lord! O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name!

NEW DAY FELLOWSHIP FAMILY CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION has got to be one of the most fun activities we host all year with both locations participating. The Sunday night before Christmas, we host a deluxe party with a full meal. We were so very excited this year to have two new couples from St Regis and our faithful single mom with her three teens and one of their friends. We also enjoyed friends from Wallace, ID; Saltese, MT -- even Larry , Mark & Mary came—and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves! The groups were divided into four “families” and challenged with several Christmas-type activities… it was great, festive fun and also included Carols and the Nativity Story! The winning family, of course, got to eat first!

Another highlight of our Christmas season is the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. We were so thankful to have several children and teenagers attend. As a matter of fact, two of the youth from St Regis—Thomas and Juliana—helped again this year with the program by sharing a song. They did a marvelous job! Robin helped us out with a lovely song and then the three Damrons and congregation intermingled some favorite Christmas songs with the Nativity Story. It was a wonderful service with New Day family from both locations!

The finale of the season is our Christmas Day Community Meal. This year instead of going back to the hotel, we hosted the meal in our Fellowship Hall, fed twenty folks—one from Saltese who had stopped coming in the fall, and Larry returned—what a blessing to see him relax and participate in activities.


We were able to visit with two new couples in St Regis in the early weeks of December. They seemed genuinely interested in any activities for their children we could provide. And we have re-connected with a few youth via St Regis Basketball… we are waiting for some home games! We are making some headway on the purchase of the abandoned Methodist Church building across from the school. As a matter of fact, our Glacier Southern Baptist Association and the Montana State Convention are assisting us in making our proposal this week and getting into the building possibly in late January! What an answer to prayer when this takes place… then we will only need furnishings and utilities! Hey, if God can acquire the building, surely He can provide the remaining needs. We are trusting Him and Him alone for every day, every detail, every victory!


Our Praise Notes…
• Praise the Lord for our current financial support team! We are so grateful for every gift. We could not be here without you.
• Praise the Lord for new contacts and families in St Regis and Haugan!
• Praise the Lord for the delivery and provision of 15 Christmas Baskets to needy families in the valley!

Our Prayer Needs…
• Relationships continue to be built throughout these communities that we might bring others to Christ
• Teachers & Students in St Regis
• Genuine salvation for: Pete, Pam, Roger, Chuck, Deb, Ty, Chantz, Chuck, Heather, Ray, Spring, Duane, LeRoy, Randy
• For the Light of Christ to dispel the spiritual darkness in this 33 mile valley
• Provision for the New Day Resource Center open 3rd Thursday of each month
• A more permanent facility in which to meet in St Regis—looks like this is going to be a reality very soon! Keep praying with us, please…
• You might pray for our heater to keep working, we have had some issues over the last few days… it comes and goes! Next several days are projected by the weather service to be zero or below!!!
• Alana as she serves the Lord and concludes her holiday visit with us
• Alisha as she serves the Lord, plans for her wedding next summer, and begins teaching Kindergarten in January
• Please begin to pray with us now--as the “state-side” Damrons will need to get to the wedding in Uganda next summer—specifically for provision and health issues to be resolved!
• Asking the Lord for additional monthly financial partners for ministry expenses in both locations, plus personal needs
16 …the people dwelling in darkness
have seen a great light,
and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death,
on them a light has dawned.
(Matthew 4:16, ESV)

It’s a New Day,

Alan & Sarah Damron

PO BOX 420013

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