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It’s A New Day and A New Summer!


So much has been happening in the last several weeks, that we hardly know where to start! First of all, we have been averaging 9 in attendance in Haugan for about a year. One of our faithful ladies has been out because her work schedule was changed to Sunday. In the last couple of months we have seen 3 people return who had stopped coming before we arrived. That is certainly an answer to prayer, plus we have seen two more come on a regular basis.

With every blessing we still see at least 5 challenges! Please pray for several people we have begun to build relationship with who are dealing with addictions and serious consequences.

As you may know, Gene and Pam Young have arrived safely in Haugan. We are so grateful for their willingness to serve with us here. Our Soup N More Day is beginning to catch on just a bit more... in the last weeks we have had 2 and 3 tables of folks enjoying the meal, fellowship, and game time... several men in the area who are hard workers have decided they kind of enjoy having a lunch break at New Day! It is a GREAT time to give a casual, yet vital testimony to those who come. One Mormon friend has been asking lots of questions. Recently Alan and Joyce were discussing knowing the Lord versus religion. This lady asked, “So, what IS the minimum requirement?” WOW! Alan was able to share pretty thoroughly about how only Jesus can save us, not religion, not a preacher, or even a denomination... we are praying for this woman to come to know Christ... the seeds have been planted for over a year now, watering has been done, and we are anticipating the harvest... stay tuned!


Oh, My Goodness... the LORD is keeping us alert yet enthusiastic in St Regis! We are consistently hosting LIGHT Student Ministries on Wednesday nights and will begin New Day Kidz (led by Pam Young) and Life-builders for Adults (led by Gene Young) this summer. Gene and Pam are already a HUGE blessing in these ministries.

We had five visiting families to attend the Marriage Vow Renewal service of Jamie and Anita Lewis. [You may remember when we first met this couple, they were separated. Alan encouraged Anita very strongly to come and bring the kids to church and be doing the right things for her family. She came. That Sunday Jamie “happened” to drive by, saw that his family was in church, became convicted, and returned home that very night! They have been faithful in church every week since and have become one of our core families. What a GOD story indeed!] We are hoping that at least three of these visiting families will return, so please pray for them. The Lord is gathering a small army to reach this 33 mile valley for Christ! We sincerely covet your prayers.

Let us introduce you to several people we have met recently. There are Ella (12) and Kay (8)--(not their real names). These two young girls are so precious and being raised by their grandmother. The tragedy is that several years ago their parents were given a choice: drugs or their children. They unthinkably chose drugs and later overdosed! This breaks our hearts… and we are praying for the opportunity to love and minister to these girls and their family. They were all in church this last week and the girls really want to come back, please pray that the grandparents will be open to that possibility.
Another youth we met recently was quite a character, we will call her Karla. She came to LIGHT one Wednesday—came in, got a soda, sat at the table and right out of the box asked Alan if she was allowed to curse in the church? (He was not shocked by that absurd question and let her know that if HE was not allowed, she probably shouldn’t either!) Then she blurted out how she hated this town, this school, and her parents! She said the town had caused her to go to jail and OD on drugs… calmly Alan asked, “Oh, really? It was the town’s fault?” To which she replied with a giggle, “Well, I guess it might have been partly my fault!” Please, please pray for this young girl and opportunities to minister to her!
We are gearing up for a full summer and are excited to host three mission teams this summer, so we are preparing for that and look forward to all that God will accomplish through them for His glory. God is already beginning to bring His increase… in August 2009 we started with 4 in Haugan. On March 20th of this year we officially started services in St Regis, after hosting a Bible Study since September of 2009. Several weeks ago we saw 40 people between both locations—and just last Sunday we had 17 in Haugan and 41 in St Regis! It was a good thing two of these were babies, because we only have 42 chairs!!!

ALISHA AND ABDUL... IN Kampala, Uganda
Our trip to Uganda is getting closer and closer. We actually leave on July 23rd to catch our flight in Spokane the next day. Alisha and Abdul say they are getting excited about our visit—and so are we! They have been trying to move into a new location for their sports apparel shop, their first Terra Nova Academy Holiday Session was a huge success, and they are very busy making plans for their wedding ceremony. We are helping all we can from state-side!
Alisha has asked her Dad to assist in the ceremony, speak at the seminary, and preach in two locations. So, although it will be a special family time, it will still be a mission-ministry trip, too! Please remember to pray for us as we go.

Alana... in Louisville, KY
Alana continues to faithfully serve and work part time in a local church in Louisville, KY. She is also asking the Lord to build a clientele for freelance photography as she continues to write songs and pursue all manner of creative endeavors, but is still praying for a full time job opportunity. She does all kinds of graphics and designs web sites on a freelance basis right now, also. She recently did a photo shoot for an up and coming law firm in Louisville and completed her first video “short film”. Check out her songs, photos, and designs at She even re-designed and updated our own web site, so you can see her work, also at We are so proud of both of our girls and miss them every day!

New Day Network Support Team
We are so grateful for our Support Team. Many are faithful to pray for us regularly and others are able to join this journey by giving financial gifts, as well. We would like to list our Support Team and honor their hearts for Jesus in joining the kingdom work here:

Harley & Jackie Becker, Circle MT
Steve & Maureen Collier, Spicewood TX
Hal & Kimberly DeJarnatt, Springdale AR
Don & Mona Elliott, Fayetteville AR
Chris & Cathy Emert, Springdale AR
Nathan & Shannon Emert, Springdale AR
Ed & Judy Ethridge, Carrollton TX
Art & Ruth Florer, Springdale AR
Carolyn Glover, Millsap TX
John & Kim Grable, Grapevine TX
Derl & Marilyn Horn, Springdale AR
Paul & Iris Horne Tuesday Study Group, Burnet TX
Linda Huffaker, Houston TX
Louis & Marti Insall, Bertram TX
Steve & Marcella Lamm, West Fork AR
Arnie & Sandy Larson, Circle MT
Gary & Cheryl Nace, Augusta KS
Skip & Patsy Oertli, Bertram TX
Bob & Shirley Parks, Fayetteville AR
Curtis & Brenda Petty, Willis TX
Marie Phillips, Corinth MS
VBS at FBC Mixon TX
VBS at Prairie Hills Southern Baptist Church, Augusta KS
Gene & Pam Young, Jacksonville TX

Please Join Us in Prayer...
1. ... For teenagers, children, moms, dads, and families throughout this valley to be drawn to the Lord, convicted of sin, and convinced of God’s great love and mercy to change their lives!
2. ... For our Summer Mission Teams:
1. FBC Mixon TX -– June 30 – July 6
2. FBC Fayetteville GA – July 8 – July 16
3. Smithwood Baptist, Knoxville TX – July 30 – Aug 6
3. ... For God’s complete resources and provision for:
o furnishings, equipment, supplies, and materials for the new church start in St Regis
o the monthly building payment in St Regis (currently $250 is being received toward this, New Day Network is meeting the balance as long as we can)
o the Resource Center on the 3rd Thursday of each month (free food and clothing)
o the consistent need for new people to join our monthly support team
o utilities, food and materials for weekly ministry
o God to ultimately touch the hearts of several churches who will pay off the building loan out right, in His timing and for His glory
o the possibility of a lot and house in St Regis to call home (we know, too, this would totally be a work of God)
o our month long trip to Uganda at the end of July--travel expenses and wedding expenses
4. For God’s Spirit to protect every aspect of New Day Network Ministry from any confusion or ungodly influence.
5. That you would pray 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 for us daily.
As always... please send all prayers directly to our heavenly Father!

Any financial gifts may be sent to:
PO Box 420013
Haugan MT 59842
[or online @ and click the donate tab]
NOTE: All gifts are tax deductible.

“The people who were sitting in darkness saw a great light, and those who were sitting in the land and shadow of death, upon them a light has dawned…” MATTHEW 4:16”

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