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Montana Missions

May has been another exciting month and it is not completely over yet—there’s still more to come! We were once again privileged to attend the second session and complete our Church Planters Basic Training Journey this month in Missoula. It was a great time of study, inspiration, and fellowship with other church planters in Montana. We almost feel like they are family here for us. There are some wonderful folks God has called to work in Montana and we are so excited to count ourselves as part of the Church Planting Team! Thanks, again, to Dave & Debbie Howeth, Sam Birky, and Rich Ratts for their time and leadership in these sessions.

Another special event was the DeBorgia Historical School Building Annual Garage Sale... our New Day Resource Center took extra time and effort to sort through clothes, set up a booth and give away free clothing during this community celebration. There were 22 total venders and several hundred folks wondered through and took advantage of some of the free clothing. Several of our Haugan members manned the booth, handed out info sheets on both locations, and represented Christ and New Day Fellowship to our community. A HUGE THANK YOU to Wayne & Melba DeGoines, Joyce Goodenough, and Vern Herman for their time and energy for this project.

One of the most exciting things we do every week is the LIGHT Student Ministry in St Regis on Wednesday night! We truly love these teenagers and love spending time with them each week! This month we saw our first student from Haugan and one from Saltese attend. The young lady from Saltese has been back each week, and the young lady from Haugan went out of town to see family in Kalispell. We are hoping she will return to join us! Each week we begin with a crazy activity—hula hoops, bubbles, toilet paper pass, and more! Then after the worship and Bible Study everyone works together to set back up for Sunday services. Please keep praying for our core group: Thomas (will graduate this Thursday night!), Juliana, David, Dallas, Cheyenne, and Maddie. Please pray that Raymond, Jordan, and Gabby will return and learn of Jesus’ love for them. We are planning a LOCK IN this Friday night (9pm to Sat 7am)... will let you know more about it... if we survive!!!

May continues to be exciting as we are having new visitors and meeting new friends every week! In Haugan we have seen six new visitors this month and in St Regis we have seen 13 new visitors! This last Sunday we had 4 visitors in Haugan and St Regis both! Since LIGHT is such an important part of what we do, Alan wanted the adults in both locations to get an idea of what we do each week... so we had a LIGHT morning service—including the ice breaker activity! For Sunday Alan introduced “Zumba LIGHT”! It was so much fun (couldn’t resist a few pictures and in St Regis we were even around the tables), then we rocked a bit with youth music, followed by the study of our LIGHT Core Values—these are meaningful and will help youth AND adults grow in Christ if observed. After lunch the Lewis family met us back at the church to do some yard work and set up our Wii Games and Flat Screens—thank you, Lord, for the generous donations to get this done! As we were working a couple drove by the church, stopped and visited with Alan and Jamie Lewis, asked some questions and said they wanted to visit next Sunday! Well... bring it on, Lord!

We are also very excited about welcoming Gene & Pam Young to the work here in western Montana! They are expected to arrive the last of May or first part of June. We will immediately begin finalizing strategy for summer mission teams and regular ministry assignments. They are such a gift to us and we are grateful to God for sending this fine couple our way! Keep them in your prayers as they move and transition.

New Day Network Support Team
We are so grateful for and humbled by our Support Team. Many are faithful to pray for us often and others are able to join this journey by giving financial gifts. Over the next few months we would like to list some of our Support Team and honor their hearts for Jesus in joining the kingdom work here:

(Monthly Support since 2009)
New Hope Fellowship, Springdale AR
Crossroads Community Church, Hindsville AR
Southwood Baptist Church, Tulsa OK
North Texas Baptist Association, Lewisville TX
Prairie Hills Southern Baptist Church, Augusta KS
Cornerstone Baptist Church, Terrell TX
(One Time Gift since 2011)
Cross Church, Springdale AR
First Baptist Church, Bertram TX
First Baptist Church, Canton GA

Uganda Missions
The first school holiday for Terra Nova Soccer Academy was a HUGE success! Abdul and Alisha were hoping for 40 players and they ended with 47 total on the team! Way to go, Coach Abdul! Their training involves teaching technique, rules, studies on leadership and team work. Coach Abdul was even approached by a national traveling team to play a “friendly” which we would call a scrimmage. He agreed and Terra Nova beat them 8 to 3! Woo-Hoo! Way to go, team! God continues to pour out His favor on this young couple and their work among the children of Kampala, Uganda.

Prayer Requests
1. For teenagers, children, moms, dads, and families throughout this valley to be drawn to the Lord, convicted of sin, and convinced of God’s great love and mercy to change their lives!
2. For God’s Spirit to protect every aspect of New Day Network Ministry from any confusion or ungodly influence.
3. That you would pray 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5 for us.
4. For our summer mission teams:
• FBC Mixon TX -– June 29 – July 6
• FBC Fayetteville GA – July 9 – July 16
• Smithwood Baptist, Knoxville TX – July 30 – Aug 6
5. For God’s complete resources and provision for:
• Children’s tables and chairs, additional furnishings, equipment, and supplies for the new church start in St Regis
• the monthly building payment in St Regis (currently $250 is being received toward this, New Day Network is meeting the balance as long as we can)
• for new people to join our monthly support team
• for utilities, food and materials for weekly ministry in both locations
• for God to ultimately touch the hearts of several churches who might help us pay off the building loan out right, in His timing
• for the possibility of a lot and house in St Regis to call home (we know, too, this would very much be a gift from God)
6. For our month long trip to Uganda at the end of July and the expenses involved in Alisha’s wedding ceremony and our travel

As always... please send all prayers directly to our heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name!

Any financial gifts may be sent to:

PO Box 420013
Haugan MT 59842

[or online @ and click the donate tab]
NOTE: All gifts are tax deductible.

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