Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The weekend following our return from Uganda, we hosted a cookout with folks from both locations who enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, baked beans, and lots of deluxe desserts! It was a really great time, we built a fire and sat around telling stories and enjoying one another.

Then on September 10th we were blessed to assist in the marriage ceremony of Tony & Shanny Sigsby. They are a precious young couple who have been attending New Day Fellowship in St Regis since we launched in March this year. Their daughter, McKenzie, is in our New Day Preschool Class on Sunday mornings and her twin brother and sister, Laramie and Alexius, are now in the nursery area! This was a great testimony for many couples in western Montana and a huge encouragement to our New Day Family!

We got a call from Dave Howeth, our state Church Planting Leader, who said he was bringing us a sound system! WOW, we had been praying for one, but this was totally a gift from God! Now we are trying to learn how to use it effectively! God is so good and continues to send more laborers to help with the work in St Regis...

We can’t help but tell you about a couple of guys the Lord brought our way this summer. One we will call Larry (retired military) attended regularly while here. After visiting with Gene and Alan, he also participated in the men’s breakfast each week. In talking with the guys Larry was not sure God could forgive him because he had been a sniper in the military. He really struggled with his need for forgiveness and God’s willingness to give it. Before he left for home, to take care of some personal issues and hopefully return to live in Haugan, he received the forgiveness he so longed for—and thanked New Day Fellowship for being his friends.

Another fellow who says he is a believer had about a two hour conversation with Alan on the phone beginning with the premise that Jesus cannot be God. It was a long struggle, Alan kept having him go to his Bible and look up certain Scriptures to read for himself (I kept quietly praying)... at long last, he realized his mistake and we believe he is a step closer to being where God wants him to be. Please pray for both of these men who desperately need God to be in control of their lives.

Of course, one of our greatest joys this month was to baptize two teenagers and two adult ladies. We had a combined evening service on September 25th with singing, baptisms, and a dessert fellowship. We had a good crowd and celebrated with Cheyenne, Dallas, Christina, and Melba. Hallelujah, thank You, Lord!

Our Thanks and Blessings...
• Just have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Dave Howeth who kept his eyes open and brought us a sound system for St Regis!
• Many of you stand with us in prayer... we are deeply grateful for you.
• Others also give faithfully and sacrificially to financially support the work here... we could never adequately thank you. We rejoice that you are His heart and His hands here in western Montana!
• Welcome to newest members of our Support Team: FBC Fayetteville, GA; Perry & Beverly McLean; James & Katherine Robison; Betty O’Connor, and Wanda Matthews.

Please Join Us in Praying for...
1. Teenagers, children, moms, dads, and families throughout this valley to be convicted of sin and convinced of God’s great love and mercy to change their lives!
2. God’s complete provision for:
• the monthly building payment in St Regis ($450 is being received toward this, New Day Network is meeting the balance as long as we can)
• the Resource Center on the 3rd Thursday of each month (free food and clothing) It is always a challenge to get this stocked each month.
• the need for new people to join our monthly support team (several of our donors have begun giving in other directions this year)
• furnishings, equipment, supplies, and materials for the new church start in St Regis (Praise: God has provided a sound system and 3 more crates of chairs!)
• funds for utilities, food and materials for weekly ministry in both locations (although the offerings are increasing slowly, it is still not enough to be self-sustained)
• God to make a way to pay off the building in St Regis
• God’s Spirit to protect every aspect of New Day Network Ministry and New Day Fellowship from any confusion or ungodly influence
• The possibility of a lot and house in St Regis to call home (we know this would totally be a work of God) below is a picture of the actual lot which just went on the market this month across from the original lot we had picked out. This lot would be ideal because no one would be able to build in front to block the gorgeous view! Please pray with us about this, we truly want only what God would have for us.

Matthew 4:16
“... the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light,
and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned."

As always... please send any and all prayers directly to our heavenly Father!

Any financial gifts please send to:
PO Box 420013
Haugan MT 59842
[or online @ www.newdaynet.net and click the donate tab]
NOTE: All gifts are tax deductible.

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