Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Damron NEW DAY Update

July in Full Swing!!!

We made a quick trip to Casper WY… to meet Bret McKee and his group from FBC Saltillo. They were doing a great job on the construction there and the church is a blessed work.

College Heights Baptist, Casper WY

While in Casper, we had to get our trailer axle checked and two tires replaced, thanks to a special donation given for that purpose. Then we drove through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone on our way to Montana… it was a breathtaking drive. Oh, and at the very top of the Grand Tetons, just before we began our descent the trailer brakes disconnected!!! What a joy—had to pull over and do some duct tape repair. Thank the Lord, it was BEFORE we started DOWN the mountain!!!

Dr. D and the Grand Tetons

Our first stop here in the mountains of western Montana was in Haugan at the West Valley Chapel. On Sunday the 5th we had services for four people in this beautiful little chapel that is a finished building and debt free. It is only 5 years old and even still smells new! Vern, Sharon, Corolla, and Robin were very receptive and received us warmly.

West Valley Chapel, Haugan MT

The four got the word out, and the Lord blessed with 16 in the room on the 12th. The spirit in the room was so sweet--1 teenage boy came to receive Christ, and another teenage boy prayed to get his life right with the Lord-- it was an exciting time together! Our prayers are beginning to be answered!!! Glory to God!

THE FAITHFUL FOUR: Sharon, Corolla, Vern, Robin


1. Spiritual Fruit –Please pray for a new babe in Christ this week, Chris (his family who all need to know the Lord!)
2. Tire problems-need two more tires for the trailer. Please pray that God will provide this need as well as increase our monthly support for basic needs.
3. Remaining July Ministry:
a. July 19-21 Baptist Mountain Church, Noxon (Revival)
b. July 26-29 Troy Community Baptist Church, Troy (Revival)
4. August Ministry: are still open, so please pray for God to open these doors for ministry… it looks like we will be returning to Haugan for at least three more weeks in August.
a. Aug 2 West Valley Chapel, Haugan MT
b. Aug 9 West Valley Chapel, Haugan MT
c. Aug 16 West Valley Chapel, Haugan MT
d. Aug 23 West Valley Chapel, Haugan MT

These are some of the things we are BELIEVING God for. What are YOU believing God for these days? Join with us in believing God for more souls. Christ could return any time!

It’s a New Day,

Alan & Sarah Damron

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