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It is hard to believe that the month of July is now history!!! But, what a GREAT month we have had in the western mountains of Montana. We began with two weeks of pulpit supply at the West Valley Chapel in Haugan… more about this later.

(back: l-r) Sara, Melissa, & Jim
(front: l-r) Jared, Kristin

The following week we went to the Baptist Mountain Church in Noxon. This has to be one of the most beautiful areas in the entire US of A! The town is nestled between the Clark Fork River and the Cabinet Mountains. Bro. Jim Webley and his family are hard workers and received us with open hearts and open arms! We quickly established a special love for them and the work in Noxon. The services were good, but probably the highlight was our fellowship time with Bro. Jim and his family. One young girl came during a service to request baptism. Bro. Jim is going to follow up on her decision. We thank the Lord for this.

Alan with Pastor Cam Foote

This final week of July we spent in the city of Troy, noted for the lowest elevation in the state. However, it is only because it is located in a deep valley with huge mountains on either side! Bro. Cam and Cathy Foote are another precious couple we met with their two young children Sabrina and Raul. They have worked with foster care for many years and have several adopted children (Raul is the latest). God has blessed this work in a great way. Although we did not see a decision publicly, Bro. Cam believes a woman came to the alter to pray to receive Christ and he is going to follow up on that. Several of the members, told Alan they did not know what he was expecting when he came to Troy, but that the Lord had spoken clearly and strongly through the messages and their lives would never be the same! In the last two years they had gotten wrapped up in building the new building and had forgotten that it was really about people, not programs. But, actually they had seen 27 children in VBS pray to receive Christ just the week before. So they have been focusing on people, maybe they just desire to focus a little more. Prayerfully the seed of Revival has been firmly planted and the fruit will be evident in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you, Lord!

The “Fabulous Four”: Sharon, Corolla, Vern, Robin

Now the BIGGEST NEWS YET… last Sunday (July 26) the West Valley Chapel in Haugan MT voted to call Alan as Pastor. In their desire to issue the call, they also agreed to a complete re-start with a new name and everything! So, this Sunday (Aug 2nd) we are accepting that call and will base our New Day Network Ministry out of the New Day Fellowship in Haugan and re-launch the ministry here.

Haugan is located on the I-90 corridor which is 32 miles long with 5 communities and only one church of any denomination (New Day Fellowship)! We never dreamed God might give this kind of opportunity so quickly... and we never imagined an entire valley!!! NEW DAY NETWORK MINISTRY will be enhanced by this opportunity as we endeavor to reach an entire valley, in addition to helping any way we can in the other churches in Montana. This does not change the purpose or goal of NEW DAY, but expands it!!!

Please understand that these four active members have no way to financially provide for a full time Pastor, so our NEW DAY NETWORK support team will continue to be the resource for the work here, as we acknowledge God is our Source. Alan will be a full time pastor at New Day Fellowship in Haugan, and start a new work in St. Regis under the same name. Eventually Bible Studies will be established throughout the valley. The key to the work in St. Regis is that all children and youth in the 5 communities attend school there. A survey sent to us by the state of Montana showed 4,000+ people in a 20 mile radius of St. Regis. So there are several thousand folks to reach in this 32 mile stretch where there are 5+ bars-saloons-casinos and only one church. Please join us in prayer for these communities: St. Regis, Henderson, DeBorgia, Haugan, and Saltese. May the Lord bring Matt 4:16 to pass in this West Valley, “The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, And upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, Light has dawned.”

Some of you are monthly donors to our work. We are so grateful for your prayers and gifts. Yet, we seriously need others to join the financial support team on a monthly basis... will you help us reach this spiritually dark valley with the Light of Christ? Although with our current donors we have raised approximately 1/3 of what we need monthly, God has provided fully for June and July through some special gifts and VBS offerings. To HIM be ALL the GLORY!

Introducing our BIG SKY CLUB! This is a special group of donors who give $25 or more per month. We are asking God to lead 60 new donors to join the ones who are currently so faithful in giving. Would you share with your Pastor, Sunday School Class, and Missions Group asking them to consider supporting God’s work through us? All gifts are tax deductible. Make checks payable to: NEW DAY NETWORK MINISTRY and send to our NEW ADDRESS: PO Box 420013, Haugan, MT 59842.

For any information or questions, please feel free to call us at 406.546.7790. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration.

It’s A New Day!

Alan & Sarah Damron

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