Sunday, August 16, 2009


There is so much to tell you… we just had a pretty incredible week! We are still trying to catch our breath!!!

Monday we took a day off to drive to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. Not only was it a beautiful drive (about 1 hr) but it is a beautiful city! It will be one of our fabulous faves!

When we got home we got a call from Joyce Goodenough who is Chris’s grandmother. The teenage boy that was saved during our second service at Haugan in July! At first she did not want Chris to be baptized, but she called to say that after the study on Sunday morning she had changed her mind and that she and Michael wanted to be baptized, too. So, Alan asked her why? And he was able to go through the gospel and bring her to a point of receiving Christ as well! So, we made plans for 3 baptisms this morning.

Then last night Joyce calls again and indicates that Michael is not too sure if he is really saved. So, he met with Alan this morning early and sincerely prayed to receive Christ as well. HALLELUJAH—THE ANGELS ARE HAVING A PARTY!!!! And we are REJOICING!

Not only that… on Friday we were honored to take our dear friend, Vern Herman, to Plains for outpatient surgery. Then Alan drove back to St. Regis for an appointment with the new superintendent of schools there before returning to pick us up again. Mr. Lowe is a believer and wants to let as many groups as possible use the school facilities, so he sent an application for New Day Fellowship-St Regis to fill out as a request to use the school cafeteria as our first meeting place to start the work there. Of course, the board has to vote and approve this, but Mr. Lowe was very supportive! So, please pray for this open door…

GOD is so good. We continue to meet folks in the area every day it seems! There is much to do, but we are taking one step at a time, trying to stay in cooperation with God and His work, and watching Him do amazing things!

We are still asking God to meet our financial needs for August… our monthly support continues to be our greatest challenge at this point. However, we have several specific needs in preparation for winter which will be costly, including a $500 tag for the truck and winterizing the trailer!

We love and appreciate each and every one of you!

Alan & Sarah Damron

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