Monday, March 23, 2009

Friends Really Are Friends Forever!

As the miles add up and the towns appear in our rear view mirror we have come to realize the ever growing value of friendships that stand the test of time. Yes, there are some drawbacks to the constant call of the traveling evangelist but certainly equal to the constant motion are the hugs and smiles from those friends that await our much expected visit.

God has blessed Sarah and I with friends that are literally family to us as we have traveled through these past years of ministry. They have become to us our forever family of friends that we have laughed with...cried with...dined with and most important of all joined together with in doing Kingdom work by taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to one more person, one more church and one more town. Why just this past week I called and heard the voices of Dennis and Rita Teske. You would have thought we were still at the Immanuel Baptist Church in Havre, Montana planning the next VBS! We can't wait to drive up in there drive this summer in Montana and renew one of those forever friendships. Whether we are visiting with Steve Collier or Terry White in Austin, Texas or the Petty's in Willis, Texas or NaNa in Mobile, Alabama or the Emert clan in Springdale, Arkansas or the Bells out at Crossroads, Arkansas or Wayne and Reggie in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee or Dan and Kathy, Tom and Vickie just outside of Wichita, Kansas or Craig and Vickie in Briggs, Texas or Don and Jackie in Temple, Texas...and the list just goes on and on...well, it is just amazing how much each of these friends bring to our lives.

Thank you friends and if time down here allows us another visit I am sure we will pick up right where we left off...if not well then, what a time we will have forever with our Lord!

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