Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You've Got To Start Somewhere!

Just how many times do we start something new in our life time? Of course, it will vary per individual, but everyone of us can chart our lives by the "Starts" in them. There was the day you escape the warmth of the womb and started life on planet earth for "starters". Then without warning the host of first's just seemed to fall rapidly in line: first time to crawl, first time to rub spaghetti all in your hair, first steps, first black eye, first day of school, first F on your homework, first crush...kiss, first car...wreck, and on and get the idea!
Sarah and I have just started something is really a first in many ways. As of March 15, 2009 we launched "New Day Network Ministry". It is a non profit evangelistic ministry which seeks to evangelize, enrich and expand the Kingdom work of Jesus Christ especially in the pioneer areas of the United States, beginning in the state of Montana. In some ways this is a return to our early days of "on the road" evangelism, but it is new due to the expanded approach that we are going to take in trying to create partnerships between churches from the southern states with new and already established churches in pioneer areas.
There is a great deal to do when you "start something new" and right now as we lay down the foundational structure to this new ministry we will need to recruit people who will come along side as partners. We have always been blessed by a host of people who join our vision for taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to our lost world. In addition to people, we will need to raise funds to cover personal expenses, travel expenses, ministry expenses and all of this with an additional "start up" fund to cover the beginning expenses. And if you are interested in joining our financial support team please send your gifts to: New Hope Fellowship PO Box 6100 Springdale, Ar 72766. Make your checks out to New Hope Fellowship and then mark the memo line: The Damrons. This will change once we have our own non profit set up.
"The Harvest truly is plenteous" and God is calling us to "the fields that are already white unto harvest"... let's go together and see what great thing God will do through us for His glory. You've got to start somewhere... so let's start together! It really is a New Day!

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