Friday, March 20, 2009

"Good Morning Lord!" or "Good Lord, It's Morning!"

So a new day has dawned and with it the opportunity to trust God for every step you take or try to take those same steps in your own strength. Unfortunately, we have short memories to such a degree that we cannot remember even to the previous day's disasters simply because our pride prevented us from calling out to God for His mercy and direction.
Henry and Richard Blackaby state in their "Experiencing God Day By Day" the following: "Pride will tempt you to think that you do not need God's assistance. Self-regard will seek to convince you that you can handle your dilemma through your own wisdom, resources, and hard work. Pride will rob glory from God and seek to give it to you!"
You don't have to wait for a train wreck to call upon God. Why not just begin the day today acknowledging your utter dependence upon Him alone for the direction and provision you will need for the day? Just think, the world needs to see God's provision in and through your life to be reminded that He exists and wants to become their all in all as well.
I really like this reference from His Word: "Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, bless His name; proclaim the Good News of His salvation from day to day. Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples." (Psalm 96:1-3)
"Good Morning Lord...I am singing!" After all..."It's A New Day!"

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Alana said...

I feel a musical song&dance number coming on!!!

love :)