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New Day Network Ministry Update

March 21.2009
Dear Friends, Family, and Support Team,
The New Day Network Ministry (NDN) continues to lay a foundation for the future and we want to update you on the progress. It is imperative you know from our hearts that a combined prayer effort is not just “preacher talk” with us, but a very vital and powerful part of the process. We are learning daily that God is inviting us to lay each and every aspect of this new endeavor under His watchful eye. So, let me begin first of all to invite you to agree with us in prayer in order that those who would casually or intentionally catch a glimpse of this work might clearly see God’s provision in it. Below is an outline sketch of our dream.
New Day Network (NDN) is a non-profit, evangelistic ministry led by Alan and Sarah Damron. The core values of this ministry are to evangelize, enrich and expand God’s kingdom work in the United States. While the focus of this ministry will be the state of Montana and other pioneer areas, Alan and Sarah will be available for any area within the coordination of their schedule.
NDN’s major emphasis will be three-fold:
1. Evangelism… will come in the form of personal evangelism, personal evangelism training, evangelistic rallies, festivals, and preaching services.
2. Enrichment… will be to encourage the local pastors, staff and churches through conferences, retreats, revivals, or to just come along side and offer prayer and practical support in the demands of their daily ministry.
3. Expansion … will adopt the understanding that additional churches must be planted in Pioneer Areas to expand the kingdom of God.
NDN’s developing program of Pioneer Partnerships will work in harmony with state, associational, and local efforts to plant new churches and strengthen existing ones. NDN will also work to enhance the outreach and effectiveness of each local church within its own scope of ministry. Please note and understand that we do not consider ourselves the “answer” for these areas, but our hearts have been drawn there since the day we left in 1983. It is our desire to come along side and assist in the work God is
already doing in these Pioneer states. For an insightful explanation of some of these works, go to the Montana State Baptist website ( and click on the Montana Baptist which is the latest edition of their state newspaper.
Hopefully this will give you some indication of the overall direction in which we are moving. Before we leave, it is very important that we address the financial requirements for us to undertake this ministry. We are presently engaged in recruiting financial support in four major areas:
• Start Up Budget -This budget will provide necessary items such as new tires for the truck and trailer, CB radio, extra diesel fuel tank, a generator for the 5th wheel, incorporation and non-profit fees, promotional materials with postage, a small sound system, for example. Projected cost for this initial budget is $5,000 to $10,000.
• Personal Budget—This budget will cover auto, health and life insurance, food, truck & trailer payments, utilities, medications. Projected cost for this monthly budget is $4,500 to $5,000. At present we have approximately 25% of this amount pledged.
• Travel Budget—This budget will include costs for fuel for the truck and trailer, truck maintenance, and RV space rentals. This projected cost for this monthly budget is $2,000.
• Ministry Budget—This budget will cover items such as cell phones, internet card, computer, office supplies, postage, printed materials, and assistance for local church programs. The estimated cost for this monthly budget is $1,000 to $1,500.
At first glance this is a good deal of funding, but it represents a definite effort on our part to stream line all costs in order that we might go to any size church in any location without being hindered from lack of resources. The majority of the Pioneer churches are not able to support a full time pastor, much less bring in a guest for revivals and evangelism. So, our partnership with individuals, churches, and associations will enable us to serve without financial limitations.
So, how are we going to raise this money? We are inviting associations, churches, and people like you to join our financial support team on a monthly basis at whatever level is possible. Please understand that all gifts are significant and will be a direct investment in God’s eternal work in the Pioneer states. With the soon established board for NDN, all gifts will be carefully administered, directed, and reported regularly. Until we are able to get the incorporation and non-profit status for NDN, your gifts can be sent to: New Hope Fellowship, PO Box 6100, Springdale, AR 72766. It is important that you mark “DAMRONS” in the memo line of your check.
As these budgets are definitely needed now, we will be praying with you about God’s direction and your partnership with us. With that in mind, not only do we need a growing support team, we also have an ever-growing prayer support team. So, let us hear from you. What can we pray with you about? We are constantly encouraged by your notes, letters, and phone calls. We have just started a new blog at And if you haven’t joined our Facebook page, we invite you to do so today. If you have any questions, please contact us at 512.669.6832 or Meanwhile, we anticipate your response to our invitation for prayer and financial support.
Of all the things the world needs today, it desperately needs Jesus. May we all be missionaries taking the Good News of His Gospel to the world where we live.
It’s A New Day,
Alan & Sarah Damron
PO Box 6100 Springdale AR 72766 512.669.6832

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